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Nancy Joe -Artist
Verified Buyer

"I love the feel of it"

"I love the feel of it. I think the amount kind of fill is very comforting and supportive for anyone trying to get better sleep."
Teddy A -CNA
Verified Buyer

"Gives great comfort"

"The Sirius Sleeper body pillow holds its form, and hugging a pillow to my chest opens a few chakras and gives great comfort. I highly recommend this body pillow!"
Hiedi G -Surgical Technologist
Verified Buyer

"I found I tossed & turned less"

"I have had a history of insomnia and trouble staying asleep. I loved how each night I can mold/redo the body pillow against how I am sleeping. I found I tossed & turned less, resulting in more restful sleep. I would highly recommend this body pillow in general"
Crystal H -Registered Nurse
Verified Buyer

"Exceeded my expectations"

"The body pillow exceeded my expectations and is very comfortable. I simply just sleep better with it ever since I started using it. It's amazing and I highly recommend it!"
Lewis N -Teller
Verified Buyer

"I never knew I could sleep so soundly"

"I never knew I could sleep so soundly without tossing and turning. I literally feel like I am floating at night. The downside is my wife seems to be jealous of the fact I sleep with this pillow every night now."
Robin T -Chiropractor
Verified Buyer

"I absolutely loved it"

"I absolutely loved it. This body pillow will help anyone who deals with pain and has problems falling asleep. I highly recommend this body pillow!"
Theresa Y -Pediatric Nurse Practisioner
Verified Buyer

"So well constructed"

"I use this body pillow every night and it is so well constructed giving me so much comfort and support. I also lean it against the wall and use it as a cushion to sit on while a read"
Austin H -Engineer
Verified Buyer

"I stay in REM for longer periods of time"

"I like the feel of this body pillow and it has improved the quality of my sleep. I have noticed that I stay in REM for longer periods of time. I would recommend to anyone who wants to sleep better."
John S -Construction
Verified Buyer

"Use this body pillow every night"

"I have dealt with lots of back issues over the years. I literally use this body pillow every night since I had the opportunity to try it. I wake up over all feeling better and with more energy."