Sleep: The Secret Weapon

Like every health modality, proper sleep holds two promises:


1) Through a basic sleep routine, we can maintain normal health, happiness and performance.


2) Through an exceptional sleep routine, we can achieve superior outcomes in our routines.


Few people know it, but many of the world’s top athletes get excessive sleep in order to consistently excel.


This includes the biggest names in sport: LeBron James called the world’s greatest basketball player for more than a decade; Roger Federer, who’s won more tennis tournaments than anyone in history; and Lindsay Vonn, winner of four world cup skiing championships and an Olympic gold medal.


Each one of these athletes gets 10-12 hours of sleep.


Their time-commitment might not be practical for you, but it’s important to understand how much sleep advances our health and success in everything.


When experts tweak the sleep strategies of normal mortals or super-athletes, sleep position is one of the first things they address.


In a previous blog, I discussed the healthy effects of side-sleeping on sleep apnea, snoring and joint health.


This is where our Sirius Sleep Systems technology steps in.


Deep sleeping on the side is supported by our body-shaped DreamSeeker body pillow .


It adjusts to your physical form--and affects your sleep patterns from day one. [link to testimonials]


You might not win an NBA championship, but tremendous health, wealth, and happiness are promised by long nights with a DreamSeeker. [link to product description]


Try it! And please reach out to us for questions, anytime [contact link].


Just making sleep better,