A Struggle for Sleep

body pillow

In my last blog, I started the story of how I made DreamSeeker body pillows.


Most everybody who’s driven to create new things is resolving some intimate struggle.  In my sleep disorder biography, my wife would push me off my back when I snored, and I learned that stomach-sleeping made my joints sore.


Science hasn’t found sleep problems in our closest animal cousins; the primates don’t get sleep apnea, sleep paralysis, or insomnia—and maybe that’s because they mostly sleep on their sides.


It’s well-known that side-sleeping can eliminate snoring.  But it’s little known that snoring can do more than annoy your spouse:  science tells us it leads to reduced interpersonal, academic, and work performance.


My therapist told me to try side-sleeping, and I did.  With mixed success at first!

Frustrated after months of re-arranging pillows all night, I designed our DreamSeeker body pillow—and it gave me the good sleep I’d long hoped for.

It improved my relationships and my work performance, too.

Sirius Sleep Systems Research & Development now has even greater things in store.

Stay glued to this space, my friends.

The technology in our new pillow will bring you things I’m sure you don’t even suspect are possible.

In the next blog I’ll share that story. Talk to you soon!

Just making sleep better,