8 methods for better sleep

We stand for sleep here.

Though that isn’t a literal statement (yet! the challenge of getting workers to nap at stand-up desks still waits!) Sirius Sleep Systems is your go-to source for all things sleep.

Yes, our new-technology body pillows solve innumerable sleep problems, but we know that the elements to a good night’s sleep are varied--and depend on the many choices we make every day.

Our marquee DreamSeeker pillows—even with the terrific R & D behind them [link to page]—are just one tool in a smart sleep protocol.

This blog is meant to be a “good sleep” reference tool.

Keep it bookmarked on your browser.

If solving your sleep challenges and dealing with poor sleep is something you want to attack on all sides, these fixes are easy to implement.

Try these 8 Ways to Improve Sleep:

1.Take a warm bath before bedtime.

2.Hit the hay before 10:20. Most folks’ biorhythms reset to “awake” at this hour (hence, the second wind we get near 10:30pm).

  1. Don’t slurp coffee or other stimulants after 3pm.
  2. Hold a stock-still standing forward fold (the yoga pose, Uttanansana) for 3-5 minutes before slipping underneath the sheets. (This moves blood to the head, and re-sets the parasympathetic nervous system—as recommended by Harvard Medical School.)
  3. Drink warmed cow’s milk or vegetable-based milk before bedtime. Cow’s milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid that helps produce serotonin and melatonin—which are key to our sleep-wake cycle.
  4. Get your body clock on your side. Go to bed at the same hour each night, wake up at the same hour every day.
  5. Move by degrees toward sleep, doing more and more relaxed and low-energy activities as your bedtime nears.

aaaaand . . .

  1. Do something strenuous and purposeful during the day. Do what you know you must do. Do what you love. Resolve unsettled issues with the people in your life—living or dead. Neurosis, unfulfilled potential and regret make the mind spin and keep you from quick or deep sleep.


We hope these help!

Try a number of them—and tell us if they work in the comments below!

We’ve got more advice for you in future blogs. Stay tuned!

Here to make sleep better,